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Tiedcast 025: Ohm Hourani

To celebrate the beginning of this lovely month, we welcome Ohm Hourani for the next Tiedcast!

Recorded live at the Tied Party last February, Ohm takes us on a journey with deep raw beats influenced by his love for jazz and vocals.

Listen here 🎧:


Ohm Hourani is on a journey that continually tests his understanding of sound. Alongside his innovative studio work, the Montreal-based artist embraces the relationship between technology and electronic music in the classroom while teaching the intricacies of sound engineering.

His vinyl-exclusive label ANOMA is dedicated to the distribution of distinctive, minimalistic sounds kissed with a jazzy flair. His oft-stated goal is to infuse organic sounds and live recordings with groundbreaking sound engineering.

The result is an insightful and curious approach to creating sound.



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