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Berlin, Germany

Topper grew up in Turin (IT) surrounded by substances and tunes typical of a hippie-kind of environment. Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd were his daily milk.

His dad, the "hippie", had a huge influence on him, and introduced his curious kid into the magic world of music and psychedelic culture. That’s the reason why he felt like he was born for music.

Right at the beginning of the 3rd millennium he decided to move to Berlin. Since then, Topper is experimenting with his sound, discovering the hidden shapes of electronic and recorded music, meanwhile performing as dj with several Berlin crews (Klangsucht above all) and at several underground parties all around the city.

Since 2009 he’s resident with Daniele Papini at Club der Visionäre, hosting the infamous Noisy Glance party. Together with Daniele he joined Sleep is Commercial and became one of the djs/producers on which the label's sound in productions and parties is focused on. He's resident in all Sleep is Commercial parties in Berlin.

After his sound engineering studies and some years of deep studio engagement, in 2014 he released his first LP “Down by the River” and a handful of very well received EPs and remixes.

Moving to the infamous Pausenraum studio was the definitive shift into a jam based creative process through a hardware setup, whose outcome will be the foundation of 3 labels to be started in 2015.

A contemporary voodoo child...

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