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Tied “IN” OnLive Session #2 w/ Ciphr

Thank you for bringing all your support and vibes during our last live stream. To continue and keep our grooves up, we can’t wait to have another Tied “In” onLive session on Saturday 5/23 with you! For this session we are teaming up with Do312, Arbella and Greater Chicago Food Depository.

With your help last time, almost 3,000 meals were provided to homeless people in need in Chicago with our partners at the Food Depository. Let’s continue our support for this great cause and get more people fed again!

Much Love 🖤


Our Tied residents Ciphr (Max Jacobson and Christian Thomas - CHI) will be playing a DJ set.

The first five people to share the stream and donate will receive a copy of the TIED007 Sakro - Universal Glory EP vinyl record.

Any cravings during the OnLive session? Order some food and drinks from our friends at Arbella and enjoy free delivery with the coupon code: TiedxArbella


💎 Donate for people in need: TiedxFoodDepository

🍴To order food and drinks:


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